Jarvis Payne

Licensed Landscape Architect 

Jarvis Payne has over 30 years of designing and project managing landscape development projects throughout the West Coast; from residential estate gardens in Northern California; biotech corporate campuses in metropolitan Portland Oregon; new University campuses in Eastern Oregon; to waterfront parks in Sacramento California.  Jarvis excels at taking complex projects from initial design concepts, preparing thorough detailed construction documentation and finally overseeing the installation of the successfully completed project.  He strives to create distinctive project specific landscapes that reflect unique site conditions and client program needs. Jarvis views Landscape Architecture as the assimilation of exterior ‘architecture’ with overlays of subtle artistic brush strokes. The goal being to create exterior spaces that enhance our quality of life. The Coachella Valley lets Jarvis explore his passion for mid-century modern design in architecture, landscape, and interior design.  Jarvis likes to explore new food and drink recipes while entertaining friends and family.  Joshua Tree offers hiking and thrift shop explorations where Jarvis can recharge his battery and connect with the beauty of the desert.