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With temperatures rising in the Coachella Valley, it can be hard to believe any plants are able to survive in this weather. There is a type of plant we call “bulletproof” that not only survives, but thrives in this climate. These plants require less maintenance, and importantly in the drought we’re experiencing, are hardy and don’t require much water. Last summer, we gave a list of some we like. Here is this year’s edition of our selection of bulletproof plants!

Agave Americana Agave

Agave Americana, Agave

 Desert Red Bird of Paradise

Caesalpinia pulcherrima, Desert Red Bird of Paradise

Lantana camara

Lantana camara, Lantana

Yucca recurvifolia

Yucca recurvifolia, Weeping Yucca

Fouquiera splendens

Fouquiera splendens, Ocotillo


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