Thursday, 10 March 2016 18:59

Water Efficient Design – Not Just for Golf Courses

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desert memorial parkDespite most of the attention being on golf course, country clubs and housing communities, many other landscaping features have just as urgent a need for water efficiency. Last year, Governor Brown implemented requirements for cemeteries, golf courses, and campuses to make significant cuts in water usage. There has been no shortage of national media attention on water waste with golf courses, but very little about the expansive lawn areas in cemeteries. People who are visiting deceased loved ones are very sensitive to lawns going brown, so that is a real concern for cemeteries who are being asked to cut back on their water use.

Our latest project, with Desert Memorial Park Cemetery, is a direct response to these concerns. We are installing a drought tolerant landscape for a new section of the cemetery. With our water efficient approach to traditional cemetery design, our architectural plans for the landscaping of the cemetery’s 5-acre project include addressing the practical function of the space as well as meeting the needs of funeral services and visits from loved ones. With its new water efficient area, Desert Memorial Park Cemetery can be an example to other cemeteries when it comes to their future expansion plans.

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