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RGA Landscape Architects Leads the Way in HOA Drought Re-imagination

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Now is the time to transition to a Landscape Plan for the Future

Quorum CoverRGA Landscape Architects is paving the way for innovative drought-resistant landscaping solutions, which go far beyond the typical expectations that come to mind when one envisions ‘desert landscaping’. RGA designs environmentally-compatible landscapes through careful site planning, plant selection and irrigation efficiency – and their LEED-certified projects continue to earn awards and accolades for redefining water efficient design and planning for renewable resources. Their integrated plans have been awarded top honors from CVWD for conservation efforts in 2016 for Ironwood Country Club and again in 2017 for Indian Ridge Country Club.

The Home Owner’s Association (HOA) of Indian Ridge Country Club was tasked with a mandate to reduce water usage by 36%, which seemed a daunting challenge for the prestigious community. Indian Ridge was planned 30 years ago for a completely different time when water was readily available and inexpensive, and the HOA was facing an aging irrigation system, many acres of high water use turf and thousands of pop-up and inefficient sprayers.

In partnering with RGA Landscape Architects, the Indian Ridge HOA was able to make a major transition to drought-resistant landscaping. The design and plan included repair of the majority of the irrigation, installation of a new irrigation management system, turf removal and the incorporation of lush and efficient landscaping – utilizing entry grasses like Mexican Feather Grass and Regal Mist Muhlenbergia for fullness and color.

“Indian Ridge Country Club’s ‘landscape makeover’ is the perfect example of how we can create beautiful communities in this new climate of drought and environmental concerns,” said Ron Gregory, president of RGA Landscape Architects. “Landscaping can be an HOA’s biggest asset, and we pride ourselves in developing designs that add value to our clients’ properties through an attractive and low-maintenance landscape strategy.”

Nearly half of the projects that RGA works on are for HOAs, taking into account plant selection, maintenance and irrigation needs, solar lighting and turf assessment. RGA communicates with landscape committees, boards and HOA members to present ideas and estimates of costs, including a water use and cost analysis for existing projects to compare water use before and after conversion. RGA is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, and has LEED-accredited professionals on staff.

Established in 1977 in Palm Desert, RGA offers a variety of solutions to address the needs of communities, governmental agencies, country clubs, home owner associations, businesses and residents. While water efficiency is the catalyst for much of their work, RGA’s landscape designs are beautiful and easily maintained. RGA has acquired almost 40 years of experience in providing landscape architectural services not only to the Coachella Valley, but to Southern California as a whole and, in recent years, to the provinces of Liaoning, Guangdong and Sichuan in China. The firm has been notably recognized with 100+ industry awards for various project designs. For more information, visit

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