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Bulletproof Plants, Summer 2017 Edition

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We have another edition of our bulletproof plant's blog!  As the temperatures hit record highs this summer, it’s important to have plants in your landscaping that can tolerate lots of direct sun and extreme heat and occasional underwatering. Here are some stars from our cheat sheet of plants that beat the heat.  Their color and form will complement any landscape.

Red Yucca

Red Yucca (Hesperaloe parviflora)
Small accent shrub.  Available in red or yellow flowers.

Desert Marigold
Desert Marigold (Baileya mutliradiata)
A happy blooming indigenous perennial

Green Carpet Natal Plum
Green Carpet Natal Plum (Carrissa ‘Green Carpet)
Excellent ground cover with deep, luscious green color

 yellow bell
Yellow Bells (Tecoma stans ‘Nana’)
A great new hybrid of the venerable Yellow Bells, but at a smaller medium size (4’ ht. x 3’ spread)

Desert Cassia
Desert Cassia (Senna nemophylla) 
A large, yellow flowering shrub (about 5’ x 5’) with beautiful yellow bloom

This is just a start. Call us to see how we can improve the landscaping on your property or HOA community!

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